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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a normal square shaped marine deck (about 4 square meters), how long would it take me to install Top Teak decking?

A whole square meter of Top Teak marine decking can easily be glued together in 15 minutes.  Once the Top Teak (Synthetic teak) decking is glued, it will be ready for adhering to the boat in half an hour.  An average 4 square meter marine deck can easily be cut and installed in 2-3 hours with basic DIY tools.

I have some areas less than 190mm in width I want to cover with synthetic marine decking material, do you offer a smaller size? 

Top Teak decking material (Synthetic Teak) is designed to be cut with a sharp knife.  Simply trim off the extra width from the standard size roll.  Tip: don’t throw out your off cuts! They can be used elsewhere.

Where do I get the Top Teak glue you have used in the installation video?

We sell the recommended Top Teak glue in our online shop.

I have a marine carpet floor with plywood deck underneath.  Do I need to replace the plywood deck?

No, you can lay Top Teak synthetic decking material over the existing plywood, fibreglass or aluminium decking.

What is the bonding/adhesives and do I need to buy them from Top Teak?

The Top Teak bonding glue is used to join the pieces of Top Teak synthetic decking together.

The Top Teak adhesive is used to adhere the finished piece of Top Teak synthetic decking to your marine deck or other surfaces.