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A roll of Top Teak marine decking...Your synthetic teak decking options are endless!

Top Teak is offered as a roll with a width of 190mm.  You will notice 40mm planks are embedded in the teak decking with a black caulking design.  This enables a fast installation for your synthetic teak (fake teak), noting accuracy is easily attainable for a DIY teak decking installation.  The 40mm Top Teak 'planks' are easily trimmed off with a sharp knife to form borders and custom shapes for your synthetic teak decking where necessary.


Why is TOP TEAK superior to REAL TEAK?

  1. Easily handle heavy traffic (suitable for marine commercial use)
  2. Extreme resistance to staining (fuel/grease/fish blood is easily washed out)
  3. Won't 'bruise or dent' from sharp or heavy objects
  4. Top Teak costs less and is faster to install
  5. Faux teak does not rot or splinter
  6. Very flexible over curved and uneven non-skid surfaces


Still not convinced? Order a Top Teak synthetic teak sample and see for yourself!

Please view our Top Teak marine decking installation page and our how to videos for information regarding how to install your new Top Teak decking.

You can also purchase our recommended Top Teak bonding glue and Top Teak flooring adhesive for your faux teak decking project from our online store.